Filter and Industrial

  1. Alemlube Oil Can

    Alemlube Oil Can
    This product is one that we've had on the shelf for 6 months or so now. For those who've been around the automotive equipment and parts industry for quite some time, you may have some knowledge on the oil safe containers that you can get from CAT or Hastings.     Alemlube has some...
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  2. Ultima LED spotlights- A Review

    I blew a headlight bulb the other day on #project Hilux, so I thought it might be time to shout her a new set of headlights. As they do one thing led to another and next minute I am under the bonnet with the side cutters removing the old spotties as well. Being scared of the dark I decided...
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  3. Activated charcoal cabin air filters

    Activated charcoal cabin air filters
    Chemical cab air filters are something we will be seeing alot more of in the next few years.  Used mostly in the agricultural industry for a long time we are now starting to see them make their way into mining and heavy industry. Due to the recent recurrence of black lung, mining companies are now also using every precaution possible...
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  4. Kidney loop filtration on final drive

    Kidney loop filtration on final drive
    Recently a customer approached us with concerns of high particle counts in their final drive sos oil sampling. These guys are running 789 Cat dump trucks and high particle count is a sure fire way to severely limit life of these final drives. With carbon running as high as xxx in some tests a solution was required urgently to...
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  5. plasma vs oxy

    plasma vs oxy
    Plasma Cutter VS Oxy Acet?    (Read this before you decide). So , what should I buy? A Plasma Cutter or stick with Oxy and Acetylene. This is a question we get asked quite a lot! It all boils down to what you are going to be using it for. , To help make your decision easier...
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  6. Bolts

    Bolts and fasteners 101. Bolts, they all look the same. But then people start talking about UNC =, Metric, grade 8. It can get comfusing and a little daunting sopmetimes. (Do a little spiel on what bolts and fasterners are, prettty obvious but you need sort of an intro.CAN you remember back to a time you were learning about...
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  7. How clean wire will make you welds look better

    How clean wire will make you welds look better
    It's not everyday that you are going to use your welder. Not using your welder for a period of time can cause problems when you start to weld are some tips to avoid problems associated with periodic usage.   Why having clean wire can save you from a nightmare.   Welding wire is particularly susceptible...
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  8. secrets to a perfectly prepped welder

    secrets to a perfectly prepped welder
    Tip Size = If you are using gasless wire you should be using one size over on your tips. .9 wire, run 1mm tips it gives clearance between wire and the tips therefore giving you more life out of your tips wire only has the contact the tip to work you. Clean Liner Dirty liner will cause...
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  9. Diesel Tanks, things to consider

    Diesel Tanks, things to consider
    Are you are sick of hauling around 3 rusty old 20L drums in the back of the ute to keep your (running). We have an answer to your problem. New plastic fuel pod? There are a few things to consider before you throw one in the back.   There are no noticeable differences when you compare any...
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  10. Why silicone hoses are better

    Why silicone hoses are better
    3 Important reasons why silicone hose is better than rubber hose Silicones resistance to heat . esp for high temp applications such as radiator hose areas that don’t have much air flow so the silicone with stay supple for longer and resist cracking and bulging, splitting esp as the hoses age, black hoses are fine for a...
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